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Space lizzard - Die Odyssee einer weltraumechse auf der Erde

Helena Kontoudakis hat das Stück im Zuge des Projekts "Puppen-Theater-Film" geschrieben, einem interdisziplinären Projekt für und mit Kindern und Jugendlichen, das sie im Rahmen der Herbstakademie der Jugendkunstschule Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg FRI-X BERG konzipiert und ausgeführt hat. Gefördert wurde es vom Projektfonds des Bezirksamts Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. Das Stück ist beim Verlag erhältlich. 



Beyond Naked Beauty war eine Recherche-Residenz, welche Helena Kontoudakis in Zusammenarbeit mit der bildnerischen Künstlerin, Edda, und dem PATHOS Theater in München durchgeführt hat und die vom Fonds Darstellende Künste im Rahmen des #TakeHeart-Programms gefördert wurde. 

Während dieser Residenz hat sie sich mit den verschiedenen Darstellungen von Nacktheit in unterschiedlichen Kontexten, Medien und Räumen auseinandergesetzt. Die Ergebnisse hat sie einerseits in einer interaktiven und multimedialen Ausstellung im PATHOS Theater zusammengestellt, welche von einer Performance von Edda ergänzt wurde und andererseits hat sie einen kleinen digitalen Blog dazu erstellt. 


PIECE OF MEAT - A feminist science fiction saga

Text and direction: Helena Kontoudakis

Dramaturgy: Marie Luise Würth

Stage: Jeeyoung Shin

Costume: Marie Katharina Fischer

Installation: Bogna Grazyna Victoria Jaroslawski Dramaturgical advice: Mareike Dobberthien Assistant director: Regina Brauneis, Laura Muskalla Costume assistant: Sabryna Nitihardjo

Mask: Milani Erlan Nitihardjo drawings 

Acting: Vernesa Berbo, Jasmin Fifassi Sebatiani, Nadja Hamami, Elena Schmidt, Nathalie Seiß

We are writing the year 2133, the year in which, according to the most current forecasts, gender equality will finally become a reality - after long centuries of struggle and tireless effort. Unfortunately, people and especially women* in the future won't know about it. Democracy has long been defeated and binary gender roles and patriarchal power structures have been restored in their most extreme form. Planet Earth no longer exists. The last remnants of humanity have saved themselves on a spaceship that is powered by processing human flesh and are now flying aimlessly through space. On "Earth 2", the captain rules with a strict hand and by means of the law of the strongest over a small elite of people and a large number of replicants; artificially bred female* humans who are thrown into the Phoenix3000 every 6 months to ensure the ship's propulsion.  Anna, a former replicant, begins to free her sisters, meets Antigone, the captain's daughter, and they fall in love. Together they dare to question the past and present and to unravel the captain's web of lies, piece by piece... 

Premiere/stage reading May 2019: supported by theInitial funding from the Senate for Culture and Europe


Further development in 2020 in the author program:"Tour of the Text"carried out by NIDS (New Institute for Dramatic Writing), theViennese Wortstaetten and theNetwork of Munich theater writers


Love is...

Text and direction: Helena Kontoudakis


Acting: Nadja Hamami, Hassan Varol 

Alex and Josephine (Joe for short) take part in an experiment together that, by honestly answering 36 questions, creates such a high level of intimacy that the probability of falling in love with the other person increases "statistically significantly". In other words: an experiment that promises instant infatuation. And lo and behold; it works out. But only temporarily. After a while, the effect of the experiment and the initial infatuation have worn off and “being together” has to be renegotiated. What is “true love”? a relationship? What is expectation and what is reality?

The piece was published in 2016 asDiploma thesis for directing degreeat the Basel Drama School written, directed and premiered at Expedition Metropolis in October 2016. The final performance took place in November 2016  at the Basel Drama School.

A summer night dream

William Shakespeare

Director: Helena Kontoudakis

Acting: Youth theater course at the Mausefalle Theater

In October 2014, the Mousetrap Theater's youth theater course performed Shakespeare's “A Midsummer Night's Dream”. A course that Helena Kontoudakis took over in spring 2010 and ran alone until the end of 2011. Due to the popularity of the course and the resulting large increase in the number of participants, Nicolas Barth joined as co-director from 2012. In 2013 the course becameYouth project of the year from the city of Solothurnexcellent.

Excerpt from the newspaper review of the Solothurner Zeitung from October 16, 2014:

"It would not have been necessary for Puck to say the end of the play: “Well, goodnight! The end of the game greets us with steadfast hands!” The audience in the packed hall acknowledged the ensemble's good performance with frenetic applause. Helena Kontoudakis and Nico Barth, who were also responsible for the technology, encouraged the participants in the course to achieve top performance. The physical use of the fairies' rhythmic dances was striking right up to tough action duels between the supposed love rivals were presented in perfect choreography."

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